Our Mission

Extending and enhancing unified communications connectivity, presence and awareness to the mobile workforce.™

Unified Communications and Voice Interoperability Solutions

Our flagship product, RadioConnect™, delivers interoperable or forward land mobile radio (LMR) conversations to a user's preferred computing platform ensuring that the mobile LMR work force is a part of enterprise communications. RadioConnect is delivered within IBM's Lotus Sametime™, the leading unified communications and collaboration (UC2) ™ platform. Applicable in any industry that deploys a mobile work force.

Bringing Unified Communications to the Application

UnifiedEdge, via its UC Application Framework™, can deliver Unified Communications (UC) to a customers application portfolio ensuring that communications tasks taken on by the enterprise are close at hand. UnifiedEdge has completed initial validation of its SOA assets by IBM for Scenario 1 (Connect Criteria) of the IBM SOA Business Catalog. Additionally, UnifiedEdge can merge UC concepts with GIS techniques delivering a unique perspective on presence and awareness.

Communications Enabled Business Processes

Unified communications (UC) offer the ability to significantly improve how individuals, groups and companies interact and perform. UC enables multiple communication channels to be coordinated. The largest single value of UC is its ability to reduce "human latency" in business processes. UnifiedEdge stands ready to assist customers with CEBP via IBM SOA infrastructure.