About Us


UnifiedEdge is focused on extending and enhancing unified communications connectivity, presence and awareness to the mobile workforce. Our flagship product, RadioConnect™, delivers interoperable or forward land mobile radio (LMR) conversations to a user's preferred computing platform ensuring that the mobile LMR workforce is a part of enterprise communications. RadioConnect is delivered within IBM's Lotus Sametime™, the leading unified communications and collaboration (UC² ™) platform and applicable in any industry that deploys a mobile workforce.

Our Focus

The impact of an increasingly mobile workforce presents significant challenges to the unified communications market. Demand for interoperable communications and seamless information access outside the enterprise is increasing. The diverse and complex technology landscape of mobile communications systems impose increasing challenges for municipal, county, state, federal agencies and corporate enterprises to efficiently link their communications systems to their mobile workforce. The fast growing Unified Communications (UC) market, led by vendors like IBM, has driven the evolution of cost effective, interoperable solutions that leverage a common Internet Protocol (IP) backbone to link the disparate telephony, messaging, and data systems required during day to day operations as well as during local and regional emergencies.

Industries Served:

Emergency Management
Public Safety

If you have a mobile workforce that uses radios day-to-day... we have a solution for you.